VIT University | VITEEE Previous Year Papers

Every year students applying for VIT University Entrance Exam go through the VITEEE Previous Year Papers so as to understand the exam paper and to analyze their speed and problem solving capability in a given time period.

These VITEEE Previous Year Papers not only provide students with the idea about the type of questions that could be asked in the Actual Entrance Exam but also acts as the best tool to practice what they have prepared for the final exam.

Modes of solving Previous Year Papers:

  1. ONLINE: VITEEE Previous Year Papers can be solved online on various portals which have an automated timer too that acts as an added constraint of time and is thus a complete simulation of actual exam for the exam takers who want to give VIT University Entrance Exam online only.

At the end of solving such VIT University Previous Year Papers, students will also be given their personalized report with detailed solution of the paper along with the answer key to the Papers they have solved.

This will help students to keep an analytical record of their performance while solving various VITEEE Previous Year Papers online, and hence can get a better and focused analysis of their preparation.

Also, while solving these Previous Year Papers the candidates will become used to online exam methodology and other controls such as keys, buttons and choice options they will encounter while giving the actual ONLINE exam.

  1. OFFLINE: After downloading VITEEE Previous Year Papers from various sources, they can be solved on the same lines as the actual OFFLINE VIT University Entrance Exam and can exercise what they have learnt.

Also, various publishers release their editions of previous years papers which can be solved for preparation.

In order for enhancing speed of problem solving and to evolve proper time management skills, the students can also maintain a timer by themselves while solving VIT University Previous Year Papers, in order to see how well they perform in a given time duration.

Later, all students can evaluate their performance for various attempts while solving these papers, and can maintain a record of their performance so as to have a better analysis of their preparation.

Sometimes, the final exam of VIT University includes the questions from these VITEEE Previous Year Papers and thus students can have an edge over those who are not familiar with that question.

EXAM TIP: Try to solve the previous year papers section wise or topic wise as per the sections prepared by you on daily or weekly basis right from the start. This type of preparation methodology will help all exam aspirants to prepare with a focus.

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